PE foam

PE foam has been widely used in the electronics industry. As the base material of automotive foam tape, PE foam can make the tape have certain anti-collision, shock absorption, buffering and other functions. With sound insulation effect, it is used as a sound insulation material in the environment of strong noise equipment such as automobiles, engines, motors, etc., and can effectively reduce noise. Other uses: 1. Cell phone, computer, PDA, PSP and other LCD or casing buffer, dust-proof gasket 2. Various waterproof gaskets 3. Keyboard board buffer, dust-proof gasket 4. Camera, video camera gasket 5. LED shading, dustproof gasket 6, speaker shockproof, cushioning, dustproof gasket
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We are a leading manufacturer with years of experience in the business of custom die-cut of special photoelectric materials, insulating materials, conductive materials,adhesive materials, and double-sided adhesive tape.
Products covers PE foam, EVA foam,conductive cloth tape, double-sided tape, acetate cloth tape, copper foil, aluminum foil tape, Mylar sheet, Mara tape, Silicone pad, EVA foam foot Mat, EVA double-sided pad, 3M /ordinary EVA single/double-sided tape, 3M foam mat, shading tape, protective film (PE, PET), 3M tape, etc.
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