Bill Gates said that this summer vacation to read these books - Gates summer book list

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Bill Gates, a multibillion dollar philanthropist, spends heavily on vaccines and aid programs, but he also knows that money can't buy more knowledge.
So every summer (and during holidays), gates shares a reading list, introducing eye opening concepts in the name of beach books. It's no secret, but Gates pretends to be surprised every year. He wrote on his personal blog Gates Notes: 'when I put together this summer's list of recommended books, I found that several of them dealt with major issues. ”
In fact, this year, he has listed several core questions that readers can find answers to. &What is the secret of genius? Why don't good people pay off? Where do humans come from and where do they go? ”
The following bibliography seems to answer these questions in order. From the biography of Leonardo da Vinci, the Memoirs of a woman fighting cancer, to the Fictional Narration of one night of Abraham Lincoln's life through the mouth of ghosts, and even a book explaining the origin and development of life. With only four themes covered, consider book 5 a clarion call for action. The author is Hans Rosling, a global health expert who died last year. It goes back to explore some experiences and lessons, and more directly states that everyone has the ability to do more good deeds for the world.
Leonardo da Vinci
Author: Walter Isaacson
[cover photo: Simon & Schuster]
As the most respected painter and thinker in the world, Leonardo da Vinci basically learned by himself. The technical limitations of more than 500 years ago did not limit his conjecture about the operation principle of the world. As gates wrote, "when he is eager to learn something, whether through the blood flow from the heart or the shape of the woodpecker's tongue, he observes closely, notes down his thoughts, and tries to find out the answer. &Curiosity is more valuable than ever, especially in the Internet age.
Everything happens for a reason and other lies I & rsquo; ve loved
Author: Kate Bowler
[Penguin cover]
When a Duke Divinity School professor was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, she tried to accept the randomness of the accident and how to control it eventually. Gates believes that & quot; some & lsquo; why & quot; can't give a satisfactory answer with facts. &In his view, the book illustrates the risk of overemphasizing causal thinking. He grew up in a Mennonite family who believed that firm faith often paid off. Such a growing environment gives her a humorous, helpless and valuable perspective.
Lincoln in the Bardo
By George Saunders
[cover photo: Penguin Random House]
The premise of this fantasy novel is as unconventional as the style of writing. The story takes place overnight, at the beginning of the American Civil War, when President Abraham Lincoln comes to the cemetery where his recently deceased 11 year old son was buried. Later, ghosts appear, and the story is mainly unfolded in a dialogue similar to the script. As gates wrote, "the president has come to realize that he sent other people's sons to the battlefield to die for his country, creating tragedy for other families.". He has to make a choice. Should the war continue? If so, how can we ensure that the final result is worth such a heavy price? ”
Origin story: a big history of everything
Author: David Christian
[cover photo: little & Brown, Brown and Company)]
Historian David Christian is good at explaining the complex world history in simple and easy to understand, so his 2011 Ted lecture on history has been viewed more than 8 million times. This book is a further extension of this ability. As gates wrote in his book review, Christian pays more attention to the beginning of change, such as explaining the physics and chemistry of the big bang, and the biology and anthropology behind the evolution of humans from single celled organisms to more recognizable primates. For inspired teachers, parents or lifelong learners, Gates also recommends Christian's free online courses.
Authors: Hans & middot; Rosling; Ola Rosling; Anna Rosling ronlund
As early as April, gates recommended the book and wrote a separate review highlighting its great inspiration for future reformers. Gates wrote at the time that most of the book is devoted to 10 instincts that prevent humans from seeing the world in a factual light, from the fear instinct (we focus more on the terrible things) to the scale instinct (independent data tends to look more impressive than the actual) to the separation instinct (most people are in between). For each instinct, he offers practical advice on how to overcome our inborn prejudices. ”
Finally, of course, there is a classic summary of gates: for many people around the world, life is really improving. But to move forward, we need a lot of imagination, inspiration and input.
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